Print the Rainbow – 

Rainbow Multicolor PLA Filament

When you’re 3D printing toys and decorations, it’s nice to use bright colors, translucent materials, or really anything that will make your parts stand out and look unique. I saw this Stronghero3D 3D Printing PLA Filament New Rainbow Multicolor on Amazon, and decided to give it a try.


What is a multi-color filament?

 In this case, the  Stronghero3D 3D Printing PLA Filament New Rainbow Multicolor is a spool of 1.75mm filament that contains different colors throughout the continuous spool. As you use the spool, the colors blend from one to the next, so printing a large part would leave you with a rainbow effect. This enables you to print a multi-color part without having to change spools mid-print. This filament does not give you any real control over the color changes though, so basically the first layers of a part may start out gray, and slowly change to blue, then to green, etc.


How does it work?

Since this is PLA, it prints like standard filament at about 210C. I used my standard profile and it printed some great looking sample parts. There is a pretty large amount of the same color in the spool before changing to the next color. For example, I was using my Prusa Mk2 printer, and tried printing same samples that I had saved. I printed the Prusa whistle, and it all printed in a uniform pink color to start. The next print was a Benchy, which started out pink and transitioned to gray about mid-way. I printed another Benchy and it printed all solid gray. Next, I printed two Benchy’s at the same time and got a smooth transition from gray to purple on both.The best results came from printing an entire bed of part, which resulted in multiple colors throughout.


In short, small parts will require printing at least a couple parts to see color changes. Multiple small parts will typically end up with a two-color blend, and large parts (or a large amount of small parts) will result in a multiple colors. The larger amount of plastic you’re using per layer will cause the color changes to be more abrupt.


Best Uses

Obviously, if you’re printing a decorative piece, having a blended color makes a huge difference. I generally don’t consider 3D printing vases and things like that in solid PLA unless I am going to paint it and otherwise mask the fact that the pieces was 3D printed. With this material, I think you can produce pieces that have a wow factor.



 About half way through the roll, the filament and been working perfectly with no jams or issues that I can see. Parts have a smooth finish and nice shine. The material comes in the typical vacuum wrap, but is on a clear spool allowing you to see the color changes throughout the spool. That alone is not enough for you to predict or plan on what colors will be used on your next print, but it’s helpful.


Final Word

The Stronghero3D Rainbow Multicolor PLA prints easy and reliably with your typical PLA profile. Surface quality and color make for great looking parts. If you want to add a dynamic look to your 3D printed parts, this filament is an affordable, and effortless way to do it. Currently priced under $30 on Amazon, I would recommend it for any projects you want to give a special look.

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